Digital marketing, web merchandising

INUR Beauty

New brand launch

New brand launch in the US


Shopify BtoC + BtoB

Full migration


On Shopify eCommerce + POS

A full features project:


multi-locations with pop-up stores, gift cards,
CRM integration, preorder, custom price, wholesale...

Digital marketing, web merchandising


Creation and management
of e-commerce website

Omnichannel Strategy, Implementation and Management


Launch in the US



  • Lead and support brands and retailers during all phases of their digital and omnichannel strategy: from eCommerce store creations to digital marketing, and from operational management to International development


eBrand Commerce is an all-encompassing eCommerce and Omnichannel provider offering solutions and service to fit the needs of each brand and retailer. The company is strategically positioned on leading International markets.

Online Store

Design, Development, Integration, Maintenance, Support, Merchandizing and Operations.

Digital Marketing

Social Media, Targeting audiences, create email and media campaigns to acquire and retain clients.


1 warehouse in the US and 1 warehouse in EU to operate eCommerce, Retail, and Distribution.


From Automation Marketing, Prospect Relationship Management to Customer Service.

Omnichannel integration

Building a new generation of customer experience across all channels with 360 technology.

Market Places, Affiliates

Developing your external channels such as Amazon.

eBrand Commerce was created 14 years ago on the vision that brands would all sell direct at least on the Internet in addition to their distribution networks. This vision has become a reality and eBrand Commerce brings you its expertise to implement it in your communication, customer experience and operations on your different channels. A multi-channel customer buys 30% more than a customer who buys in just one of your sales channels. Finally, between 50 and 80% of your customers first visit your website before going to the store.

  • ebrand fashion eBrand Fashion allows for complex sku management, such as colors and sizes necessary for the fashion industry. The flexible merchandising and content management tool is designed to manage heavy rotation of collections with ease.

  • ebrand cosmetics Our solution, eBrand Cosmetics, includes unique functions specially designed for the world of perfume, make-up and skincare. Whatever the size of your company, we have solutions for your business.

  • ebrand luxury eBrand Luxury delivers the finest level of customer experience unique to a luxury brand, reflecting your core values in a rich environment.

Partner of progress

  • A unique platform with all eCommerce and POS features ready to create, manage and develop your stores.

Our expertise at your service

Sébastien has over 20 years of eCommerce experience with some of the most successful eCommerce stores in the Beauty industry like,

Sébastien OZANNE

– CEO –
Stephanie oversees all customer service and logistics operations in the US and EU. Dedication and details are characteristics of Stephanie to assure consumers are happy in all cases.


- Customer Service & Logistics -
With professional experiences in the US and Europe, Chantal brings a multicultural knowledge of the key markets.

Chantal THAÏ

– Project management –
Katrina is an expert in social networks! She loves contact with others and social media has no secrets for her!


– Social Marketing –
Rina is our creative whizz to design stores and campaigns. Born with the Internet, all digital is natural for Rina. Efficient and dedicated are key factor of success for her art work.


– Marketing & Design –
Irina brings a deep experience of market places like Her strong skills in digital marketing is a key for fast sales growth.


– Marketing & Market Places –
With a first experience in UI design, Catherine joined eBrand to strengthen the design department. She is immersed in the creativity of the digital world and offers the team a new vision in this area.


Former basketball coach and trainer, Marc-André step up project management thanks to his web development knowledge.




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